Shamanic Sessions

Our seven chakras (explained below) are the energy centers of the body when these centers get blocked or off balance from stress, trauma, chronic illness, toxic environment and other disruptors it can negatively affect our physical, emotional and mental well being causing mild depression, lack of energy, physical ailments, slowed organ functions and a suppressed immune system. As well as blocking the energetics of what each chakra contributes to your being. Chakra balancing can also be like a tune up to make sure you stay functioning at optimal wellness.

  • Crown chakra (top of the head) - our spirituality, our sense of direction in life.
  • Third eye/brow chakra (between the brows) - our intuition, our thoughts.
  • Throat chakra (centre of the throat) - our communication, speaking our truth.
  • Heart chakra (centre of the chest) - our ability to love and be loved, relationships.
  • Solar plexus chakra (below the ribs) - our ego, self-esteem, who we are, creativity.
  • Sacral chakra (below the belly button) - our sexuality, yin-yang energies, emotions.
  • Root/base chakra (base of the spine) - our survival, security, and being safe/grounded.

In chakra balancing sessions the chakra system of an individual is assessed, recalibrated and reinforced with sacred Shamanic ceremony that includes smudging, sound healing, breath work and energetic support in releasing stuck emotions, trauma, stress and other negative energies that may be trapped in the physical and energetic body. This work creates a brighter, lighter and fully functioning being!

Chakra balancing session with light body work, focusing on parts of the body that may also need body work. $160 (75 minutes to 90 minutes)

Guided shamanic drumming sessions to find your power, find your own guidance, for a connection with spirit, for creative inspiration and motivation, for forging through blocks of any kind. 45 minutes $90

In depth personalized Shamanic healing sessions are offered, the payment is discussed around the work that comes up and the care that is needed. Please email for more information.