These are introductory prices they are subject to change. Packages available, check online booking.

30 minute foot massage
This indulgent service includes an aromatherapy foot soak and a thirty minute therapeutic foot massage.


60 minute customized massage
60 minute deep tissue massage
90 minute customized massage
90 minute deep tissue massage
60 minute hot stone massage
90 minute hot stone massage
30 minute Infrared Session
Add $10 per person up to 2 people.
45 Minute Infrared Session
Add $15 per person up to 2 people.
60 Minute Infrared Session
Add $20 per person up to 2 people.

Add Ons

Fire cupping with acupuncture or massage
Silicon cupping with acupuncture or massage
Hot stone treatment

Chakra Balancing Sessions

Chakra balancing session
with light body work, focusing on parts of the body that may also need body work (75 minutes to 90 minutes)
Guided shamanic drumming sessions
Guided shamanic drumming sessions to find your power, find your own guidance, for a connection with spirit, for creative inspiration and motivation, for forging through blocks of any kind. (45 minutes)
Personalized Shamanic Healing sessions
In depth personalized Shamanic healing sessions are offered, the payment is discussed around the work that comes up and the care that is needed. Please email for more information.
Chakra balancing session
Chakra balancing session (45 minutes to an hour)


Acupuncture Initial visit
Acupuncture Follow up visit
Outcalls/In-Home Massage
We offer a concierge service of in-home massage. We come to your house with a massage table and everything else for an in-home massage experience. The initial fee is $300 for the first hour and each hour after is $200. This is a luxury service and is priced accordingly.
$200.00 - $300.00

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