Full Moon Women’s Gathering (Tuesday, August 1st )

Full Moon Women’s Gathering (Tuesday, August 1st )

The Aquarius full moon is inviting you to claim your emotional freedom from limiting beliefs and dance into inspired action towards making visions your reality.

This moon represents the cycles of life in Nature and how you as a woman reap the bountiful harvests of the seeds you have planted in family and friendship… it’s time for your collaborations to take flight!

You are being called to make important decisions by tapping into and trusting your intuitive womb wisdom over the opinions of others.

We gather together in the energy of this full moon.

You will receive :

  • How you can align with the energies of this Aquarius Full Moon
  • Womb Ritual
  • Gentle Shakti Flow Movement
  • Group Conversation & Reflections
  • Tasty Delicacies & Herbal Tea

This restorative gathering is for women seeking supportive space to self-reflect, intentionally let go of what is holding you back and connect in sisterhood.

It will be a time to come to the Hearth of what is important to you, fill your self-love cup, share and listen to the stories of others. You will receive practices to support your journey and take root into your every day life.

Hearth @interwovenwellnesscollective 6 - 7:30pm Tuesday, August 1

$35 per person - Includes guided journey by @sabrinavedete.official Tasty delicacies and herbal tea by Lucinda Eden

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